Managing different behavioral students in a single classroom

Build a good classroom atmosphere is the duty of every teacher. But it is not an easy task for teachers to manage different students of different behavior and character in a single classroom. Managing everything and everyone is necessary for the successful teaching and learning. Classroom management is important talent in teacher’s life. It also influences the success of teacher’s life. An effective teacher can manage their classroom without any difficulty. So, they can easily lead their students to the path of success and achievements. There are many factors that affect the proper running of classes. This may the different character or any misbehavior of students. The chances of these kinds of problems are high because a class room is filled with students of different culture and different life style. Usually the chances of problems that occur in the classrooms are high. So managing all the students in same manner is the responsibility of every instructor.

Good teacher and student relationship in a classroom help to manage classroom easily for teachers. Try to build a strong bond between teacher and students and it can solve all the chances of classroom problems up to a limit. The important feature of good relationship is making an understanding between teacher and student. Teacher should try to understand each and every characteristics of single student in a classroom. So teachers can give proper guidance if they feel any misbehave or bad character in their students. It is not in the form of punishment or annoyance. A best teacher always tries to treat their student with calm and patience. It gives a positive support for students from teacher’s side so that they can share their thoughts and problems with teachers without any fear.

Teacher should not show any partiality among different students. Consider all the students as same and never show partiality based on their qualities. Some time they may from rich family or from poor family and some may good in studies and some may not. But a good teacher never compares their student’s qualities. They always teach their students to keep away from such kinds of discriminations. So we can avoid the class room problems up to a limit. Also advice and teach student to manage their own behavior. Another important quality that a teacher needed to build good atmosphere is the heart to love all the students. Students always expect love, care, support, inspiration etc from their teachers. A teacher can change their student’s habit by love and care towards them .there is no problem that cannot solve by proper love and care. By loving students extremely a teacher can change their student’s behavior. We know that not all the students are of same behavior. Treat each student according to their behavior. Some students need more care compare to others. So it is the duty of the teachers to understand the each student deeply.

Teach students to respect the rights of other. It is one of the essential characteristics of every student to lead a successful life. We know that today most of the crimes happening due to the lack of this quality. Today we can see selfish people than helping mentality people. We all try to protect our own life and for that we are destroying the happiness of others. This is not a good behavior. We should practice to protect the rights of others rather than destroying their rights for our needs. It is not only necessary to build good class room but also necessary throughout our life. It is one of the best qualities of the human being. So try to build these qualities in students and avoid all kinds of problems that arise among students. Every student expect fun and enjoyable classroom atmosphere. It can possible only with the deep involvement of teachers. Instead of strict and boring classes try to include fun in classes. Change the way of teaching and learning from strict to funny. As a teacher if we enjoy what we are doing, students also find enjoyment in that. So we can hold entire classes and students within our hand. Make difficult learning as fun and interesting learning. We can manage the learning of entire students by adopting this method. Once we change the traditional method of learning, teachers can enter in to student’s life easily. A teacher should always ready to help their students for their success. They always motivate their students to do more and more.

It is fact that we can build a good classroom atmosphere overnight. Hardworking and dedications are important for this. Managing a classroom full of students with following different culture and background is difficult for teachers. It can be manage by step by step process. Most important thing is that teaching is one of the valuable profession exist in this world. Only a good person can became perfect teacher in his life.