What are the Expectations of a Student from their Parents, Teachers and Friends

All of individuals have some expectations from others. Here in the case of students also have some expectations from their parents, teachers and friends. Commonly a student life is related to parents, teachers and friends. All students are not equally talented. All students are not coming from the same family background. Some students are coming from the bad family background so that only they feel very stress to concentrate the classes. Those students they feel tough to score good marks in their academic they expect help from their friends, teachers and their family. The first expectation of a student from their family, teachers and friends is love. Some students are can’t get proper love from their family. Today’s world all is busy. In the busy life, most of the students are can’t get proper love from their parents. In the academic also, student and teacher relation is not such strong. The main reason for students can’t get proper love is because of involvement of technologies in individual life. Student’s case is also, now students are always in front of their phone or any other device. Now relations are decreased, no one likes to create new good relation with others. Relations are very important. Good relations are always help a person to feel the success. Best friends always help Each other to score best marks in their academic. If any student doesn’t have food then their friends share food with that student. Helping nature is very important. Students are the next future of our society. The society wants best students. A best student means not only the student who has good score in their academic but also a best student should have good characters. In the academic, lectures first teach good behavior. In the academic, not all students are having good characters. First teachers try to understand student’s characters and teach them to good behavior. As like parents, teachers are also having the same responsibility on students. All students are not equally talented in all tasks. Teachers conduct many tasks and understand student’s talents and give confidence and guidelines to meet the success.

Friendship is very strong relation. Students feel happy when they meet their friends. The main specialty of friendship is that, all students like to share their feelings with their friends. A student expects special caring from their friends. There are some students they never mingle with others and they don’t share their feelings with others. With the silly reasons also, Students are think about suicide. The main reason for students did suicide is because they not mingle with others. Keeping good relations always give success. For the successful life, happy is also very important. Most of them think that, if they have more money, then that is fine for best life but if you have more money but don’t have happy then it affects your life very badly. A teacher, friend, parents are behind a successful person. Friends are gift of god so that only always keep best relationship with your friends. Compare to other relations, friendship is much stronger because all of them are like to spend their time with friends and commonly students are like to go anywhere with their friends. Students expect freedom and love from their friends.

A student life first priority is their parents. Students study basic characters from their parents. Students expect love from their parents. There are some families, both mother and father working and parents are busy with collecting money and they never care about their child. Some parents are keeping their child with others and go for job. Here by doing this that child never gets proper caring and they can’t get their parents love. By not getting proper love from their parents, it affects that child character. Those students, they are not getting proper love from their parents, they search love from others and here there is a big chance to get trap by bad relations. The bad relations spoil a student life. Bad relationship change a student character very fast and some cases students not concentrate on education. Education is very important. The main reason for increasing the crimes in our world is because of uneducated peoples. Now also many families don’t know the importance of education. Only educated peoples get proper respect from the society and also in the modern city only educated peoples get job so that only uneducated peoples do crimes and all. A well educated person can able to understand others feelings and they know the good behavior. Here in the case of students, they expect real love from their parents. Students need good caring and friendly talking parents.