Which are the Factors that Affect the Final Academic Marks

Student academic performance may affect of lot of factor which is inside and outside of the school. Student those who have learned properly when they had reached at home can only achieve good academic scores. The idea that they have get from their teacher in order to keep it in mind you need to just go through the lesson that they had been taught. The way of teaching is also affects student academic performance if a teacher who is not taking classes properly or did not giving many explanations about any topic until student can understand. This is also result in poor performance of the student. So it is important that teacher need to keep in eye contact with every one while taking classes and need to analyze their exam performance. But when student are outside of the school then it is the duty of their parent to observe their child whether he/she learn properly.

Parents also provide some guidance and help to solve some difficult problems. Never push them to read for long hours. Let them to take their leisure time. Make a plan about your study. After you reach at home you can do your own activities and begin to student at the time you had schedule. While you began to student be genuine and read it out with full concentration. There are different works which relate to a learner admission necessities. Some instructive foundations concede students aimlessly, though other select they based on past accomplishment or their outcomes on fitness tests. Sometimes due to some family problems student will lose their concentration to study. So it is responsible of their parents to create a better environment for their children to study.

Sometime student have show week performance as because they didn’t able to follow the language that the teacher use. This situation is commonly happen when a student who used other language as a media of instruction but he completed the secondary education he had entered for senior secondary education where media of instruction is another. In such cases it is duty of the teacher helping such student by translating them to their language and to make it clear for them. As gradually they will understand the meaning and can able to follow what you their teacher had taught. Learners ought to be followed utilizing content bases evaluations of oral perusing. In the event that a learner falls behind the standard rate of achievement for his or her class ought to get an examination base on individualized bases of read carefully abilities and included after institutional obstruction based that examination to enable learners to withstand with their classmates. Teacher may keep a positive behavior with student and help them to develop a self confidence with them.

Student those who properly get an idea what their teacher have been taught are able to get a good academic score in their exams. Some students were more eager to study in case if they feel any difficult at the moment itself they will move to their corresponding instructors find out a solution. So that will help them to perform well in their academic life. They know that it is responsibility to learn that they have taught, but in most of the cases students need an extra push from their parents as well as teachers to learn something. When teacher is evaluation the class performance of a student by conducting exams if they feel that any of the student is weaker in getting good scores then identify such student and gave them proper training. An exam is generally conducted in colleges in order to detect the knowledge and ability of each student. Teachers can conduct so many group discussions in class rooms and let allow all student to actively participate e on it.

The common facts for student academic performance may vary from individual to individual because skills of every student are different. Lack of study may results poor academic performance. In most of the cases student were fail due to lack of proper guidance about how to learn properly. Some of the students have idea to reproduce in exam about what they have been learned. If the question pattern is slight they are unable to answer. Mostly this type of situations occurs for the students who have by hearted their lessons. So it is necessary one should need to learn the lessons by understanding its meaning and idea so that there is no any chance of getting worried if they have got question which is slightly different from you learned. To make every student to achieve their best academic performance first of all one need to find what the facts are that affects their academic performance.